A specialised holistic mobile massage in private homes, retirement villages, and
therapeutic environments -
attending aged care facilities, hospitals & hospices.

Deirdre Campbell has been acquiring her massage skills for 25 years. Having practised traditional massage for many years, Deirdre originally became interested in Indian Head Massage as a form of healing and relief for her family and friends – many of whom suffer from shoulder tension, headaches and insomnia.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the "Ayurvedic" ideology behind Indian Head Massage – she became hooked – and went on to sit her Advanced and Practitioner Certificates in Indian Head Massage, followed by further study and certificates in Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Aura-Chi Healing, and more recently  PCA/ PSA (Cert III Aged Care),  and CPR. Deirdre is a practitioner registered with The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists and carries full professional indemnity and liability insurance.

Apart from practising, she also teaches the following in her own Massage Therapy school:

•    Indian Head Massage
•    Marma Massage
•    Holistic Foot and Hand Massage
•    Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage
     (for more information on these courses, click here)

Deirdre is a mother of three, and a very compassionate and caring person. After consistently seeing the benefits that these therapies can provide for people suffering from a wide variety of  chronic conditions over the years, she decided to set up her “White Cloud Massage” business, as a mobile massage service to provide comfort, and relief from pain in a non-invasive, caring and respectful manner. The service is aimed specifically at people who may lack the mobility or opportunity to travel to a massage therapist "under their own steam".

Deirdre also very much enjoys running her "Massage for Relaxation" workshops in a variety of environments, specialising in the area of mental health, and is more than happy to discuss the suitability of this type of activity in your centre.


We all know that massage is of great benefit to our bodies in many ways – for instance it boosts the immune system, improves circulation, detoxifies and encourages the lymphatic and elimination systems to function, reduces insomnia, improves mental function, and is of course a wonderful stress release.  It is particularly beneficial for the invalid and/or elderly, who may not receive enough "one on one" nurturing etc., due to time restraints on families, friends  and staff in aged care facilities.

There are specific styles of massage that are very beneficial not just to the general public as a stress release/pamper session, but bring the invalid and/or elderly special comfort, care and relief in a non-invasive and respectful manner.

The massage forms we would like to present to you on this page are :

•    Indian Head Massage

•    Marma Massage

•    Holistic Foot and Hand Massage

•    Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage

These massages bring a great deal of comfort and pain relief to clients suffering from a variety of ailments, in the comfort of their nursing home, hospital, hospice, palliative care unit, retirement village, as well as their private home.  They are ideal for people suffering from many forms of illness, a few of which are listed below -

•    Stroke victims

•    Invalids

•    Chronically ill

•    Motor neurone disease

•    Multiple sclerosis   

•    Elderly

•    Bedridden

•    Mental Illness

             Indian Head Massage

The name Indian Head Massage is deceptive because it actually covers massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, scalp and face, in a seated or prone position.  It is wonderful for reducing shoulder tension, headaches, insomnia, brain fogginess, and helps hair texture and joint mobility.   It is a very caring and nurturing form of massage.

The massage can take place in a special massage chair, or any seated or semi-seated position, or a prone position.   In other words, the massage is ideal for people who are; able to get out of bed for a short period of time, bed-ridden, or confined to wheel chairs.

Depending on the needs of the recipient, a very gentle massage consisting of gentle effleurage (stroking), is performed either through the clothing, or lightly on the skin, with or without oils.  Regular massage like this has proven to stimulate the circulation, improve skin condition, and reduce swelling in the joints, resulting in less pain and increased joint mobility.

Possibly the most enjoyable aspect of Indian Head Massage is having the scalp and face massaged. We all carry a lot of stress in our heads and faces, and this massage releases tension and stimulates the circulation.  It is also wonderful for alleviating brain fog and mental alertness, and very successful in the cases of insomnia.  Many aged and/or chronically ill people enjoy the scalp and face being massaged, particularly if they are unable to move out of bed, or even sit up.   It is very comforting to have your face and scalp gently stroked, this brings about a feeling of having been nurtured and cared for.  The receiver generally falls asleep and quite often, for a period of time,  can benefit from some measure of pain relief.

Regular receivers of Indian Head Massage appear to be more settled, and comforted, and report less pain and distress, and particularly, suffer less insomnia – all of this often results in being able to reduce their pain relief medication to more acceptable and functional levels.

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             Marma Massage

Marma Massage is an extremely relaxing, but very simple form of massage.  A Marma Point is the traditional Indian equivalent of an acupressure or acupuncture point.  They are specific energetic points distributed throughout the body that relate to the function of organs and the metabolism in general.  Gentle stimulation in the form of massage releases energy blockages and toxins, and brings around a sense of contentment and relaxation.

Ayurvedic physicians have used these vital points for thousands of years.  However in 1995 a pilot study was held to see whether Marma stimulation could help chronic stroke victims.  For six months a  Marma practitioner gave treatments twice a week to a number of elderly stroke victims.  After these regular massages it was officially concluded that the stroke patients showed “a modest but definite improvement”, whereas “physiotherapy is generally not as effective in such cases”.

Marma massage can take place anywhere on the body, and simply involves gentle effleurage and stroking, interspersed with calming and methodical circular movements.  Once again, it is a very caring and nurturing form of massage. 

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             Holistic Foot and Hand Massage

Foot and Hand Massage is a non-invasive form of massage, and is extremely relaxing.  Basic reflexology relaxing techniques are used on the hands and/or feet, accompanied by Marma Point massage.  We all carry stress in our limbs without even realising it, and people in pain or who are distressed, are no exception. 

Gentle massage of the limbs removes pain and brings about a feeling of being generally comforted and de-stressed.  Anyone can have this massage performed for them, but it is particularly appropriate for those who are bed ridden.   It is extremely good for  increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, pain relief, insomnia, arthritis, joint mobility, flexibility, swelling, etc, and general relaxation and nurturing, 

Chronically ill patients benefit immensely from having their hands in particular massaged, particularly in palliative care.  After all, simple touch and comforting communication are extremely healing and having ones’ hand gently held and stroked can bring about a pronounced sense of security and calmness.

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             Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage

Even though this form of full body massage is extremely gentle and soothing, full body massage is generally not recommended for those of very advanced years or for the infirm. However, it should be noted that Deirdre practices these massages where age and fitness does not preclude this style of therapy. Feel free to enquire as to the suitability based on your client's (your own or your loved one's) specific circumstances.

Additional General Information

                   For those that are interested, Spiritual Healing and Reiki is also available. If you have any questions relating to these modalities, please feel free to ask.

                   Deirdre travels equipped with a top of the range professional massage chair, massage table and reflexology chair, and brings with her all the towels, oils,
         candles, incense, salt light crystal, relaxing music, and anything else that is needed to complete the massage experience.  All that is required from the client is a
         small, quiet and private area.

         "Made-to-order" blended massage oils are available for purchase at more than reasonable prices, as are relaxation music and meditation C.D's.

                     N.B. All massages are performed only with the attending Doctors permission, and using the appropriate emollient as required. 
(Essential oils are
available on request).

Contact Deirdre on  -  0422 95 1942


For more information feel free to email  us...   imassage@optusnet.com.au

"You Know You're in The Right Hands"

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